Call Handke Pump Service of Northeast Iowa when you need service, repair, or renovation of your water well system. Handke can also set up new well hookups for farm, residential, commercial and livestock water systems.

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Call Handke Pump for these water services:

  • Well pump repair & installation
  • Out-of-water calls
  • Water well renovations
  • New well hookups
  • Water line and hydrant installation
  • Well inspections
  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) controls
  • Well electrical maintenance and repair
  • Pressure tank installation & repair
  • Well point installation & repair
  • Down-the-well repairs
  • Well chlorination/shocking
  • Sandpoints
  • Submersible pumps
  • Jet pumps
  • Complete outdoor water distribution systems

If you need any of these well water services, and you are in Northeast Iowa, let Handke Pump Service help. Our service area includes Clayton County, Winneshiek County, Allamakee County, Delaware County, Fayette County, and northern parts of Dubuque County.

Water Well System Questions

Yes! Handke Pump Service can rebuild your water well system to provide many years of great service.

Yes, Handke Pump Service can install all kinds of well pits.

From constant pressure to conventional systems, there is no need to take up space in a home, or livestock buildings or worry about the system freezing.

A well pit is an excellent choice for farm operations where disease control is important because well technicians can easily access the system and not have to be near the operation.


Handke Pump Service works on old style pump jacks. These old pumps remind us of how far technology has come!

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